“The Revivo Project” is one of the most popular bands in Israel, winner of the “band of the year” award in 2012. The band was formed in 2012 by the Israeli known composer and creator Raviv Ben Menachem and is named after him.
Other members of the band are Raviv’s brother Nir Ben Menachem and their close friend Eliran Tzur. The band began in 2012, after Raviv decided to follow his dream to revive old nostalgic songs. He started working on them with his friend Eliran Tzur when one day his brother Nir came to the room and recorded a song with them. The band members were astonished from the results and decided to join him in right away. The band performs cover versions of nostalgic Israeli songs from the 80’s and the 70’s in the form of a social gathering, hosting popular singers from those years like Haim Moshe, Zion Golan, Eli Luzon and more. The band 3 albums reached gold record for selling over 30,000 copies each, they were the second most searched item on Google on 2012, the band’s YouTube Channel reached over 50,000,000 views winning the “YouTube Silver Button”.

להזמנת מופעים – אירועים פרטיים, ועדי עובדים וכנסים – סינגולד בע”מ: 050-5506505 | info@revivoproject.com

For shows – private events, workers’ committees and conferences – Singold Ltd.: 050-5506505 | info@revivoproject.com

Pour les spectacles – événements privés, comités de travail et conférences – Singold Ltd: 050-5506505 | info@revivoproject.com