Ravivo Project

Ravivo Project

The Revivo Project – the happiest, most popular and most successful band in Israel in recent years.
During these years, The Revivo Project won an arsenal of awards, including band of the decade, band of the year and the number 1 band played at karaoke.
The project was founded in 2012 by the composer and musical arranger Raviv Ram Ben Menachem and is named after him. In addition to Raviv, his brother Nir Ben Menachem and their close friend Eliran Tzur are members of the band.
The Revivo Project was founded after Raviv decided to fulfill his dream and rework cover versions of nostalgic songs he grew up on as medleys. He started working on them together with his friend Eliran Tzur when one day his brother Nir entered the studio and recorded one of the songs with them, as soon as they heard the result it was decided to add him to the band and The Revivo Project was officially established.

Live Show


הפרויקט של רביבו זאפה בפארק
זאפה בפארק

The Revivo Project will have concert at Zappa In The Park!

זאפה בפארק - גני יהושוע - תל אביב


The Gray Club

Grey Modiin Club

הפרויקט של רביבו קבלת שבת 2023
האנגר11 תל אביב

Kabalat Shabbat Show in Tel Aviv

Hangar 11 Tel Aviv Port

תמונת יחצ מעודכנת

At Leonardo Plaza

Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea

The friends of REVivo project

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