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The Revivo Project

The Revivo Project – the happiest, most popular and most successful band in Israel in recent years.
During these years, The Revivo Project won an arsenal of awards, including band of the decade, band of the year and the number 1 band played at karaoke.
The project was founded in 2012 by the composer and musical arranger Raviv Ram Ben Menachem and is named after him. In addition to Raviv, his brother Nir Ben Menachem and their close friend Eliran Tzur are members of the band.
The Revivo Project was founded after Raviv decided to fulfill his dream and rework cover versions of nostalgic songs he grew up on as medleys. He started working on them together with his friend Eliran Tzur when one day his brother Nir entered the studio and recorded one of the songs with them, as soon as they heard the result it was decided to add him to the band and The Revivo Project was officially established.
In recent years, The Revivo Project has become a huge success and a new cultural phenomenon, celebrating more than a decade of successful activity during which they gave the good old Israeli music a place of honor and made it stand up and catch the attention of a young audience, who more strongly embraced Israeli – mediterranean music.
Behind the successful band: hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and on social media, hundreds of thousands of followers on social plattforms, platinum and gold albums and dozens of music awards and recognition.
The Revivo Project are preforming every evening on stages in Israel and around the world – there is no point on the globe that they have not reached in recent years – even to the most remote Jewish communities…
In recent years, the members of The Revivo Project have conquered all the flagship destinations in Israel and the around the world – from the stage at Caesarea Amphitheater to the Sultan’s pool in Jerusalem, Live Park Rishon Lezion, and huge venues throughout Europe, the USA and South America.
The Revivo Project’s concert is rhythmic, lively, immersive and exciting – the concert is an experience that combines Judaism and Israeliness. In their concerts, the members of The Revivo Project combine the best hits from all periods, old to new, rhythmic to quiet, hafela to taverna.

The Revivo Project are known for their unique, happy and exciting performances suitable for a very wide and diverse audience – our line-up changes every day!
And in addition to all this, they never forget to convey their message – the love of man in particular and free love in general.